[Colombia Presidential Election]2022 2nd Round FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection / Prediction / Forecast


_Globe Elections UN Video


According to Globe Elections UN’s 2nd Round FINAL Projection in Colombia, we are projecting that it is Extremely Close between Rodolfo Hernandez & Gustavo Petro for the next presidency.


-Vote Share Projection

Rodolfo Hernández(LIGA / Big Tent) : 50.15%

(-6.24pp From Last Election)

Gustavo Petro(PH / Left-wing) : 49.85%

(+6.24pp From Last Election)



2022 Colombia Presidential Election R2 FINAL Projection was conducted for Globe Elections UN( by GEHSC.en( &, and reflects total 12 polling data(total 26,014 sample size) fieldwork done between 6/4 and 6/11. Presidential Projection is calculated through sample size & polling date of each polling data from last one week of the latest data.

_ Globe Elections Projection / Prediction / Forecast Dashboard


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