Europe, France, SPECIAL - 2022 FR Presidential Election

[France Presidential Election]2022 4/18 Polling Follower / Tracker / Average



-Vote Share Projection

Emmanuel Macron(EC / Center) : 53.88%

(+0.03pp From 4/17 ’22, -12.22pp From Last Election)

Marine Le Pen(RN / Far-Right) : 46.12%

(-0.03pp From 4/17 ’22, +12.22pp From Last Election)



2022 4/18 Polling Follower was conducted for Globe Elections UN( by GEHSC.en( &, and reflects total 31 polling data(total 54,887 sample size) fieldwork done between 4/9 and 4/16 and reported on The Survey Commission(LCDS)’s Notice Page. Polling Follower is calculated through sample size & polling date of each polling data from last one week of the latest data as the presidential projection. For each of the polling contents, refer to The Survey Commission homepage(


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