[Chile Presidential Election]2021 1st Round FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection / Prediction / Forecast


_Globe Elections UN VIDEO


According to Globe Elections UN’s 1st Round FINAL Projection in Chile, we are projecting that it is Too Close To Call between José Kast and Gabriel Boric, and they will face once more in the 2nd Round.


-Vote Share Projection

José Kast(FSC / Far-Right) : 31.81%

(+23.88pp From Last Election)

Gabriel Boric(AD / Left-wing) : 27.22%

(+6.95pp From Last Election)

Yasna Provoste(NPS / Lean-Left) : 12.16%

(-16.42pp From Last Election)

Sebastián Sichel(CP+ / Center-Right) : 10.86%

(-25.78pp From Last Election)

Franco Parisi(PDG / Big Tent) : 10.52%


Marco Enríquez-Ominami(PRO / Center-Left) : 5.13%

(-0.94pp From Last Election)

Eduardo Artés(UPA / Far-Left) : 2.30%

(+1.79pp From Last Election)


-Key Races

OH(O’Higgins) – BORIC +1.89pp <EXTREMELY CLOSE>

AN(Antofagasta) – KAST +2.86pp <TOO CLOSE TO CALL>

SA(Santiago) – BORIC +3.68pp <TOO CLOSE TO CALL>

VA(Valparaíso) – BORIC +4.90pp <TOO CLOSE TO CALL>

MG(Magallanes) – KAST +7.55pp

TA(Tarapacá) – KAST +7.67pp

CO(Coquimbo) – BORIC +8.00pp

-Other Races

AT(Atacama) – BORIC +10.34pp

ML(Maule) – KAST +11.41pp

EX(Extranjero) – BORIC +11.81pp

AP(Arica & Parinacota) – KAST +12.30pp

LL(Los Lagos) – KAST +17.94pp

ÑU(Ñuble) – KAST +19.36pp

LR(Los Ríos) – KAST +19.45pp

BI(Biobío) – KAST +22.28pp

AR(Araucanía) – KAST +30.86pp


_Globe Elections Projection/Prediction/Forecast Dashboard

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