[Bulgaria Presidential Election]2021 1st Round FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection / Prediction / Forecast


_Globe Elections UN Video


According to Globe Elections UN’s FINAL Projection in Bulgaria, we are projecting that it Rumen Radev will win the R1 over Anastas Gerdzhikov, but it is still unsure whether will R2 be held or not.


-Vote Share Projection

Rumen Radev(BSPzB / Center-Left) : 48.45%

(+16.11pp From Last Election)

Anastas Gerdzhikov(GERB / Center-Right) : 26.49%

(-3.96pp From Last Election)

Mustafa Karadayi(DPS / Center) : 9.68%

(+2.66pp From Last Election)

Lozan Panov(DB / Lean-Right) : 7.00%


Kostadin Kostadinov(VAZ / Right-wing) : 2.68%


Milen Mihov(VMRO / Far-Right) : 1.09%

(-14.77pp From Last Election)

Luna Yordanova(IND / Big Tent) : 0.66%


Other Candidates(OTH / Mixed) : 3.95%

(-10.39pp From Last Election)


-Key Races

TA(Targovishte) – KARADAYI +7.58pp

SH(Shumen) – RADEV +8.34pp

-Other Races

SI(Silistra) – RADEV +10.85pp

BL(Blagoevgrad) – RADEV +12.38pp

RA(Razgrad) – KARADAYI +12.84pp

SC-24(Sofia(C-24)) – RADEV +14.98pp

SC-23(Sofia(C-23)) – RADEV +16.47pp

VA(Varna) – RADEV +16.87pp

BU(Burgas) – RADEV +17.40pp

SC-25(Sofia(C-25)) – RADEV +22.01pp

SL(Sliven) – RADEV +22.16pp

RU(Ruse) – RADEV +22.35pp

PC(Plovdiv(C)) – RADEV +22.40pp

SM(Smolyan) – RADEV +22.50pp

PA(Pazardzhik) – RADEV +23.62pp

GA(Gabrovo) – RADEV +25.26pp

HA(Haskovo) – RADEV +27.74pp

DO(Dobrich) – RADEV +28.65pp

PE(Pernik) – RADEV +28.79pp

LO(Lovech) – RADEV +29.13pp

SZ(Stara Zagora) – RADEV+29.85pp

KY(Kyustendil) – RADEV +30.20pp

PP(Plovdiv(P)) – RADEV +30.59pp

SP(Sofia(P)) – RADEV +31.40pp

MO(Montana) – RADEV +33.05pp

VT(Veliko Tarnovo) – RADEV +33.91pp

VR(Vratsa) – RADEV +34.10pp

PL(Pleven) – RADEV +35.64pp

VI(Vidin) – RADEV +35.79pp

YA(Yambol) – RADEV +38.15pp

KA(Kardzhali) – KARADAYI +39.83pp


_ Globe Elections Projection / Prediction / Forecast Dashboard

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