South Korea, SPECIAL - 2022 SK Presidential Election

[South Korea Presidential Election]2021 July Globe Elections UN Projection / Prediction / Forecast


_Globe Elections UN Video


According to Globe Elections UN’s July Projection in South Korea, we are projecting that it is too close to call between Yoon Seok-youl & Lee Jae-myung for the next presidency.


-Vote Share Projection

Yoon Seok-youl(IND PPP / Center-Right) : 48.19%

(-4.25pp From Last Election)

Lee Jae-myung(DPK / Center-Left) : 45.20%

(-2.06pp From Last Election)

Other Candidates(OTH / Mixed) : 6.61%

(+6.31pp From Last Election)


-Key Races

SU​(Seoul) – ​Yoon +0.19%p <EXTREMELY CLOSE>

GY​(Gyeonggi) – ​Lee +0.24%p <EXTREMELY CLOSE>

IN​(Incheon) – ​Yoon +0.96%p <EXTREMELY CLOSE>

DJ​(Daejeon) – ​Lee +1.51%p <EXTREMELY CLOSE>

​UL​(Ulsan) – ​Yoon +4.33%p <TOO CLOSE TO CALL>

CN​(Chungnam) – ​Yoon +6.19%p

CB(Chungbuk) – ​Yoon +6.33%p

JJ(Jeju) – ​Lee +9.49%p

-Other Races

BU​(Busan) – ​Yoon +10.17%p

GN​(Gyeongnam) – ​Yoon +11.63%p

GA​(Gangwon) – ​Yoon +14.82%p

SJ(Sejong) – ​Lee +15.69%p

JN(Jeonnam) – ​Lee +26.14%p

GW(Gwangju) – ​Lee +31.08%p

JB(Jeonbuk) – ​Lee +39.33%p

GB(Gyeongbuk) – ​Yoon +39.69%p

DG​(Daegu) – ​Yoon +42.74%p


-Presidential Approval <Moon Jae-in>

Approval : 41.23%

(+2.21pp From Jun ’21, -14.97pp From Last Election)

Disapproval : 58.77%

(-2.21pp From Jun ’21, +14.97pp From Last Election)


_ Globe Elections Projection / Prediction / Forecast Dashboard

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