[Peru Presidential Election]2021 2nd Round FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection / Prediction / Forecast



According to Globe Elections UN’s 2nd Round FINAL Projection in Peru, we are projecting that it is extremely close between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo, therefore we could not project the winner this election yet.


-Vote Share Projection

Keiko Fujimori(FP / Far-Right) : 50.16%

(+0.28pp From Last Election)

Pedro Castillo(PPNPL / Left-wing) : 49.84%

(-0.28pp From Last Election)


-Key Races

CJ(Cajamarca) – FUJIMORI +0.90pp <EXTREMELY CLOSE>




UC(Ucayali) – CASTILLO +5.30pp

JU(Junin) – CASTILLO +6.12pp

LA(Lambayeque) – FUJIMORI +7.22pp

PI(Piura) – FUJIMORI +7.88pp

LO(Loreto) – CASTILLO +9.90pp

-Other Races

TU(Tumbes) – FUJIMORI +11.64pp

AN(Ancash) – CASTILLO +13.52pp

AM(Amazonas) – CASTILLO +14.10pp

LL(La Libertad) – FUJIMORI +16.46pp

CL(Callao) – FUJIMORI +17.08pp

LI(Lima) – FUJIMORI +18.20pp

HC(Huanuco) – CASTILLO +23.92pp

AR(Arequipa) – CASTILLO +28.90pp

MD(Madre de Dios) – CASTILLO +29.62pp

MO(Moquegua) – CASTILLO +30.62pp

EX(Extranjero) – FUJIMORI +43.40pp

AP(Apurimac) – CASTILLO +34.00pp

AY(Ayacucho) – CASTILLO +41.58pp

HV(Huancavelica) – CASTILLO +41.84pp

TA(Tacna) – CASTILLO +44.38pp

CU(Cusco) – CASTILLO +51.88pp

PU(Puno) – CASTILLO +53.54pp


_Globe Elections UN VIDEO

_Globe Elections Projection/Prediction/Forecast Dashboard



According to Globe Elections UN’s 2nd Round R1 BASE Projection in Peru, we are projecting that it is extremely close between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo, therefore we could not project a particular winner.


-Vote Share Projection

Keiko Fujimori(FP / Far-Right) : 50.70%

(+0.82pp From Last Election)

Pedro Castillo(PPNPL / Left-wing) : 49.30%

(-0.82pp From Last Election)


-Key Races


SM(San Martin) – CASTILLO +3.23pp <TOO CLOSE TO CALL>


UC(Ucayali) – FUJIMORI +7.21pp

-Other Races

LO(Loreto) – FUJIMORI +13.73pp

JU(Junin)CASTILLO +14.49pp

AR(Arequipa)CASTILLO +19.22pp

HC(Huanuco)CASTILLO +21.54pp

EX(Extranjero) – FUJIMORI +23.19pp

PI(Piura) – FUJIMORI +23.36pp

LI(Lima) – FUJIMORI +23.55pp

CL(Callao) – FUJIMORI +25.36pp

LA(Lambayeque) – FUJIMORI +25.97pp

PA(Pasco) – CASTILLO +27.01pp

AM(Amazonas)CASTILLO +28.02pp

MD(Madre de Dios)CASTILLO +31.04pp

CJ(Cajamarca)CASTILLO +32.79pp

TA(Tacna)CASTILLO +35.15pp

LL(La Libertad) – FUJIMORI +35.93pp

TU(Tumbes) – FUJIMORI +39.53pp

MO(Moquegua)CASTILLO +40.16pp

CU(Cusco)CASTILLO +57.33pp

AY(Ayacucho)CASTILLO +60.56pp

AP(Apurimac)CASTILLO +63.46pp

HV(Huancavelica)CASTILLO +68.11pp

PU(Puno)CASTILLO +75.95pp


_Globe Elections UN VIDEO

_Globe Elections Projection / Prediction / Forecast Dashboard


24 thoughts on “[Peru Presidential Election]2021 2nd Round FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection / Prediction / Forecast”

  1. Pedro Castillo is not simply “left-wing”. He is “radical-left”, with close ties to MOVADEF, the political arm of SENDERO LUMINOSO (Shining Path) terrorist group.
    Please get your facts right or present them without bias.


    1. and you miss to mention that Keiko Fujimori is daughter of an ex-president that is in the list of the most corrupt leaders in recent history, and that she has not work ever. There is so much information on her that can be google, I do not want to bore anybody here. Cheers


      1. Ok . Then come and live in Peru! Do you understand what Terrorisim is ? Castillo y rounded by proved Terrorists Sendero Luminoso , his boss is Vladimir Cerron proved associated to The shinning Path (Sendero Luminoso), he is a left Radical like Cuba, North Corea admiror of Nicolasa Maduro etc etc do you want that for Perú ? If you do so… you don’t love Peru! Keiko Fujimori is not her father (which did a lot more than any other presidents dispite his political errors) and KF is a liberal democratic leader and her economic plan is far away best than Castillo’s who does not have any plan at all.


      2. Funny, if you are talking about never worked, we probably could say that about 80% of all politicians in the world. She was the first lady at 19, been in Congress for at least 6 years, passed more than 36 laws during her tenure, handle her Party, no small feat. Been accused of crimes and jailed for something she was never been convicted of, never left the country (even when she could) so please don’t bother. Oh yes, Google, Oh Mighty Google. This shows that half a truth is half a lie, and half a lie is no truth at all. On the other hand is this other guy, who was an Elementary teacher for one year, ONE, he really never worked (he’s 51), became famous for riots against a proposed law to update the Basic Educational Knowledge exams for teachers (he knew he wouldn’t pass), but somehow it became that he was only asking for budget increases. He is the face of a party that is backed by a Marxist, terrorist organization. Cheers


  2. Thanks for your work on this Peruvian election process.

    Just one comment, you refer to Keiko Fujimori as “FAR right”

    You refer to Pedro Castillo as “Left wing”

    Let me ilústrate the situation to you.

    Keiko Fujimori is no “FAR” right, she is right wing, but not far right

    Far right was another candidate, Mr López Aliaga who is not in this second round.

    Keiko Fujimori represents a coalition of right wing parties.

    On the other hand Pedro Castillo
    whom you refer to as “left wing” is indeed “EXTREME left” or far left.

    He is friends with Nicolas Maduro, and all the chavista personalities in South America. He has former sendero luminoso (terrorist group) members in his party and convicted felon Cerron as president of his party.

    Just setting the record strait.


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  3. A pesar de todas las evidencias de la conexión del Partido Perú Libre con organizaciones terroristas sigue polarizado el voto ciudadano.
    Si las presunciones de que éste movimiento tiene como modelo el cubano y venezolano será la catástrofe económica de Perú, agravada por la crisis económica que implica la desconexión del país con la comunidad internacional por el anunciado incumplimiento de contratos ley bajo términos populistas de revisión y/ o nacionalización o estatización de recursos, todo en medio de una coyuntura de pandemia en su peor momento ( 1,000 fallecidos diarios).

    La otra precisión es
    La calificación correcta de los antagonistas son :
    A) Coalición de Partidos de derecha y Centro.
    B) Partidos de izquierda y ultra izquierda radicales incluyendo grupos terroristas armados( esta última afirmación absolutamente evidenciada por publicaciones escritas, audiovisuales y de auto proclamación confesa de su ideario.


  4. Hoy encontré está página buscando resultados de encuestas considerando que en el Perú por ley estas no pueden ser publicadas.
    Confiaré en esta página esperando que la publicación sea totalmente fidedigna,
    GRACIAS por la información

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    1. No, todavía no según los informes de los medios y la página de Wikipedia. La FINAL Proyección estará activa después de que estén todos los datos de las encuestas.
      No, Not Yet According To Media Reports & Wikipedia Page. The Final Projection Will Be Up After All Polling Datas Are In.

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