[Portugal Presidential Election]2021 FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection/Prediction/Forecast


According to Globe Elections UN’s FINAL Projection in Portugal, we are projecting that the incumbent president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will be re-elected after defeating Ana Gomes, his nearest contender by a significant margin.


-Vote Share Projection

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa(PSD / Center-Right) : 61.54%

(+7.38pp From Last Election)

Ana Gomes(PS / Center-Left) : 13.85%

(-14.34pp From Last Election)

André Ventura(CHEGA! / Far-Right) : 10.29%


Marisa Matias(BE / Left-wing) : 5.23%

(-4.89pp From Last Election)

João Ferreira(CDU / Far-Left) : 4.94%

(+1.00pp From Last Election)

Tiago Mayan(IL / Lean-Right) : 2.55%


Vitorino Silva(RIR / Big Tent) : 1.60%

(-1.68pp From Last Election)




_Globe Elections Projection/Prediction/Forecast Dashboard

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