[2020 Poland Presidential Election]2nd Round Globe Elections UN Final Projection/Prediction

-National Projection

Globe Elections United Network is officially projecting that it is too close to call between Andrzej Duda and Rafal Trzaskowski on the 2nd round of Poland presidential election. However, Duda is sill slightly ahead of Trzaskowski by 0.10%p.

-Final(Poll-Base) Projection/Prediction

Andrzej Duda(ZP/United Right – Right-wing) : 50.05% (Incumbent)

Rafal Trzaskowski(KO/Civic Coalition – Center Big Tent) : 49.95%

According to this Final Projection/Prediction, Warsaw Mayor Trzaskowski and President Duda will win 9(8 Safe, 1 Lean), 7(5 Safe, 2 Lean) voivodeships each.

For more detailed information, please visit the following Spreadsheet.


-Voivodeship-by-Voivodeship Projection

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