United Kingdom

[2019 UK General Election]GEUN/GEHSC Final Projection

[Headline]Conservatives 346, Labour 228, SNP 41, Lib Dems 14, Greens 1, Brexit 0

According to GEUN/GEHSC Final Projection, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives projected to be on 346 seats – gaining 28. This means they are gaining the Overall Majority by 20 seats in the next House of Commons. In the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is projected on 228 seats – which is short of almost a hundred seats from the winning line and exactly same with 2015.

And the SNP – Scottish Nationals, led by Nicola Sturgeon will have 41 seats, up 6. We are also saying according to our data, that Jo Swinson’s the Liberal Democrats and Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry’s the Greens are at 14, 1 each. Finally, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is expected to fail to win any seats.


[Seat Projection] Conservatives 346 S, Labour 228 S, Scottish Nationals 41 S, Lib Dems 14 S, Plaid Cymru 2 S, Greens 1 S, Brexits 0 S, UK Independence 0 S, Change Group 0 S

Conservatives : 346 Seats (Up 28 Seats From Election2017, Down 22 Seats From November)

Labour : 228 Seats (Down 34 Seats From Election2017, Up 25 Seats From November)

Scot Nationals : 41 Seats (Up 6 Seats From Election2017, Up 0 Seats From November)

Lib Dems : 14 Seats (Up 2 Seats From Election2017, Down 3 Seats From November)

Plaid Cyrmu : 2 Seats (Down 2 Seats From Election2017, Up 0 Seats From November)

Greens : 1 Seats (Up 0 Seats From Election2017, Up 0 Seats From November)


[Vote Share Projection] Conservatives 42.9%, Labour 33.9%, Lib Dems 12.3%, Scottish Nationals 3.2%, Brexits 3.0%, Greens 2.9%

Conservatives : 42.91% (Down 0.57%p From Election2017, Up 1.84%p From November)

Labour : 33.88% (Down 6.11%p From Election2017, Up 4.15%p From November)

Lib Dems : 12.26% (Up 4.90%p From Election2017, Down 2.66%p From November)

Scot Nationals : 3.21% (Up 0.17%p From Election2017, Down 0.43%p From November)

Brexits : 3.04% (Up 3.04%p From Election2017, Down 2.84%p From November)

Greens : 2.87% (Up 1.24%p From Election2017, Down 0.23%p From November)


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